Brightcove Gallery Cookies

This topic covers the cookies used by Brightcove Gallery.

The following cookies are used by the access control feature for Portal Experiences. If you are not using any access control features within Gallery, cookies will not be deployed.

The cookies are stored per site with the following naming pattern:


where access_control_id is the ID of the access control profile and access_control_type is the type of access control that is active, sso or accessCode.

For publishers using the access control feature, these cookies cannot be disabled. End users may block these cookies using the privacy settings of their browsers.

Disabling Brightcove Gallery cookies on a per user basis

The cookies described on this page may not be disabled on a per user basis. If the user has blocked their browser cookies, they will be not able to login to the portal.

Keeping updated

If you would like to be kept updated on changes made to this page by Brightcove, you may wish to utilize a third-party web page monitoring service such as

This document was last updated on 1 June 2018. Please contact support if you need additional information on cookies.