Overview: In-Page Experience Client API

This topic provides an overview of the In-Page Experience Client API. If you are looking for the platform API to create and manage In-Page Experiences see Overview: In-Page Experience API.


The In-Page Experiences Client API is a JavaScript library that helps you manage the behavior of the In-Page Experience at runtime, similar to the way the Brightcove Player API is used to control the behavior of the player. The API is available on any page that runs one or more Brightcove embedded experiences. It is designed to help 3rd parties with Brightcove experiences integration. Provides access to current player, videos and state information as well as listeners for playback-related events.

See the full API reference for details of the available methods and events.

Getting started.

<div data-experience="5bb2134180b4990011750f06"></div>
<script src="https://players.brightcove.net/1752604059001/5bb2134180b4990011750f06/live.js"></script>

The easiest way to get a reference to the experience is to give it an id (in the div tag). The id can be anything you like as long as it is unique within the page, but since the experience id itself is there in the URL for the script (see the highlighted part of the code above), you might as well use that:

<div data-experience="5bb2134180b4990011750f06" id="5bb2134180b4990011750f06"></div>
<script src="https://players.brightcove.net/1752604059001/5bb2134180b4990011750f06/live.js"></script>

Now you are ready to get a reference to the experience in JavaScript. Remember that the experience is implemented in an iframe, so you can't easily communicate with it from a script in the parent page. Instead, you need to place your script in a custom HTML block in the experience itself.

var experience = window.top.bcov.gal.getEmbed('5bb2134180b4990011750f06');

Once you have a reference to the experience, you can invoke methods from the API. Note that all methods are on the child clientApi object:

var experience = window.top.bcov.gal.getEmbed('5bb2134180b4990011750f06'),
current_video = document.getElementById('current_video'),
video_paused = document.getElementById('video_paused');

experienceApi = experience.clientApi;

// get initial video
video = experienceApi.getCurrentVideo();
current_video.textContent = video.name;

// event listeners
experienceApi.on('videoChanged', function() {
  video = experienceApi.getCurrentVideo();
  current_video.textContent = video.name;

experienceApi.on('videoStarted', function() {
  video_paused.textContent = 'false';

experienceApi.on('videoPaused', function() {
  video_paused.textContent = 'true';