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Customizing the Player and Lead Form Settings for a Portal Experience

In this topic you will learn how to customize the player and lead form settings for a Portal Experience.

To customize the Player and Lead Form settings, edit the Portal Experience and click VIDEO AND PLAYBACK > Player and Lead Form in the left navigation. The Player and Lead Form settings allow the following to be configured for a Portal Experience:

Make sure you republish the experience after making any changes to the Player and Lead Form settings.

Using a site-specific player

By default, all Portal Experiences will use the account-wide default player that was selected as part of the Gallery settings. To use a site-specific player, select Use site-specific player and then select a player to use. Audience-enabled players are indicated with the Audience icon (). These players are configured with the Audience plugin and can track video engagement data. An Audience-enabled player must be used to use a lead form. Click Preview Player to see a player preview. Hovering over the Audience icon will display the Audience connection information.

For information on creating Audience-enabled players, see Creating an Audience-enabled Player.

Configuring player behavior

The following player behavior settings can be configured:

  • Auto-Play Video - If checked, videos on the detail page will auto play. This setting overrides the Auto-Play Video on Player Load setting that is configured in the Players module. This setting is only available for Catalogue, Marquee, Publisher, Chronicle and Classic templates.
  • After video finishes playing, autoplay the next video in the collection - If checked, the next video in a collection will start playing when a video finishes.
  • Enable inline playback on iOS devices - If checked, enables inline playback on iOS devices when using Brightcove Player version 5.10.5 or newer. This setting adds the playsinline attribute to the player publishing code.

Using a lead form

Lead forms can be used to capture viewer information during video playback. For information on using a lead form, see Using a Lead Form with a Portal Experience. When an Audience-enabled player is selected, the lead form being used (if any) and the Audience connection information will be displayed.

Page last updated on 21 Jun 2020