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    Customizing the Catalogue Template Settings

    In this topic you will learn how to customize the settings for the Catalogue template.

    When a Portal Experience is created using the Catalogue template, several template specific settings can be configured. To configure the settings for the Catalogue template, follow these steps:

    1. Edit the experience.
    2. Click Appearance and Behavior > Template Settings in the left navigation.

    The following settings can be configured:

    Primary Navigation

    The Primary Navigation setting controls the layout of the site navigation:

    • Left navigation - When there are greater than 3 collections, the collection names will appear in the left navigation. When using this option, a HOME placeholder text object will be added to the layout to allow viewers to get back to the home page. This text can be customized if needed.
    • Collapsed menu navigation - A collapsible, hamburger menu will be displayed

    The Feature Carousel setting controls how the videos in the current collection appear:

    • Thumbnail grid - Thumbnail of videos appears below the player
    • Video only - Only a single video appears. < > icons appear on the player for navigating to other videos in the collection

    Carousel Paging Buttons

    The Carousel Paging Buttons setting determines when carousel paging buttons are displayed:

    • Always show paging buttons - Paging buttons are always displayed
    • Show paging buttons on hover only - Paging buttons are only displayed when the mouse is over the player or video information

    Video Thumbnails

    The Video Thumbnails setting controls the size of the video thumbnail images:

    • Small
    • Large

    Thumbnail Play Icons

    The Thumbnail Play Icons setting determines whether a play button is displayed in the player:

    • Do not show play icons - No play icon is displayed
    • Show play icons by default - Play icon is displayed

    Video Description

    The Video Description setting controls the length of the video description that is displayed:

    • Truncate description - Displays a truncated video description
    • Show full description - Displays the entire video description

    Page last updated on 28 Mar 2022